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The Best Lenses For Wedding Videography

Lenses. Different shapes and sizes, with different costs and prices. To someone just getting into wedding videography, the sheer amount of lenses available can seem …

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13 Exciting Hen Party Ideas In London

London is a world-renowned hotbed for nightlife and partying down, making it the perfect city for hen parties. With London’s numerous and varied, exciting locations, …

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18 Beautiful Places To Propose In London

London, while not necessarily world renowned like Paris for being the “City of Love,” is still a wonderful place for popping the big question on …

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The Ultimate Guide To Writing A Groom’s Speech

Your wedding day is ideally one of the most joyous and enjoyable days you will ever experience. Giving your speech as the groom can be …

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Top Tips for Hiring a Wedding Videographer

In this post we are going to discuss EXACTLY what you need to be on the lookout for when hiring your perfect wedding videographer. Whether …

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13 Wedding Mistakes You MUST Avoid

We all want a picture-perfect, fairy tale wedding – but life is unpredictable, and mistakes will always happen along the way. Some mistakes, however, don’t …

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