Should You Have an All-Inclusive Honeymoon?

After all of the stress of planning your wedding, you’re finally free to enjoy the benefits of newly married life. For many couples, this means heading right for the honeymoon.

Yet when it comes to a honeymoon, you tend to have two choices. Do you pay for your honeymoon as the expenses come? Or do you choose to go for an all-inclusive honeymoon trip?

Both have their positives and negatives. So our team here at The Perfect Wedding Video have got together to discuss all the perks and drawbacks of choosing to have an all-inclusive honeymoon.  We hope you enjoy!

Pro: One Flat Price

Clearly, the advantage of an all-inclusive honeymoon is that you don’t have to worry about overspending on your budget. This can be easy to do when you’re traveling to a tropical luxury island. Indulgement is the word of the day on a honeymoon, after all.

For couples who want to keep to a particular price range for their honeymoon, one flat price for all of their meals, room, drinks, airport transfers, and activities can be quite a good idea. 

Con: Hidden Fees

However, there are still some items that you will likely have to pay for. Airfare, for example, isn’t always included in the all-inclusive honeymoon package. You may also have to pay extra for phone calls, souvenirs, and extra food.

You may even find a new activity in the location that you travel to that isn’t included in your package. It can be difficult to restrict yourself if you find things that you want to do. So, you end up paying for them, anyway.

A good way to get around this is to make sure that the all-inclusive honeymoon package that you’re looking at covers everything–or almost everything–that you want to do on your honeymoon. Anything leftover can always be something that you do next time for your anniversary. 

Pro: Introduction To New Hobbies

Many of the activities that resorts offer in their all-inclusive honeymoon packages are likely activities that you can’t do easily elsewhere. They also tend to place a preferred treatment for package holders. So, you can explore new hobbies together that are completely covered by your package.

If you find that you didn’t enjoy the experience, there’s no harm done, because you didn’t pay a large amount of money in the first place to do that activity.

Many resorts also have their own golf courses. So, if you love golf, you can often find a good deal of honeymoon packages that include free rounds of golf that you can enjoy together. Essentially, an all-inclusive honeymoon lets you try new activities for practically free. 

Con: Not All Activities Are Covered

As mentioned before, not every activity that you encounter in the location of your honeymoon is going to be included in your package.

While you likely will have a ton of stuff to do that can easily fill your time while you’re there, if you like to explore new locations, then you might find new activities not covered by the package.

Couples who love to visit local haunts, enjoy local food, and discover off-road adventures that only the locals can point out to them, for example, will likely find themselves paying extra because those costs aren’t covered by their package. 

Pro: You Might Get A Free Wedding Out Of It

Many resorts actually offer free wedding ceremonies if you choose to have your honeymoon with them.

Since these resorts are typically in idyllic locations, you can have some breathtaking wedding shots with your loved one and your guests. They also typically take care of most of the planning. So, this can make your wedding ceremony and honeymoon an incredibly easy affair.

That allows you to focus on what matters most–spending time with your loved one.

Con: Communal 

However, you can be sure that you’re not going to be the only newlyweds there. Many of the activities and dining experiences are held in large groups. So, if you don’t mind talking to strangers and making new friends, then this could be a great option for you.

However, if you want something a bit more isolated where it feels like it’s just you and your loved one, then an all-inclusive honeymoon package may not be the best fit for you.

Choosing What’s Best

Ultimately, you know what’s best for you and your loved. You can save a lot of money with an all-inclusive honeymoon and still have incredible adventures.

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