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A Guide To Hosting a Bridal Shower

Here at The Perfect Wedding Video, we like to tackle all the topics we can to provide soon-to-be brides and grooms with what they need …

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Fun Wedding Reception Ideas

Your wedding ceremony was likely planned to be touching, intimate, and a celebration of two souls finding love with one another. The reception, however, should …

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8 reasons not to have bridesmaid at your wedding

Bridesmaids are one of those traditions we often don’t think about. We just accept that they’re apart of every wedding. The origin of the bridesmaid …

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7 important tips to remember when making your wedding guest-list

The idea of making up your wedding guest-list may conjure up images of “The Father of the Bride” and conversations about the chipper chicken, but …

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The 5 Most Expensive Wedding Venues In The World

So, what do you know? You’re finally the bride. All this time of wishing and hoping and catching bouquets, and now, the spotlight is on …

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The Best Gimbals For Videography

With GoPros, selfie sticks and videos becoming all the rage in the digital world, you may have heard of the term ‘gimbal’. As a videographer, …

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