Who We Are.

So how did all of this come about?

It started out as just me, Gaetano.

My passion for videography began when I was 12, filming videos of  my puppy Shila playing in the hot Italian summer fields.

My love for telling a visual story on screen grew quickly as I filmed my first wedding at the young age of 16. I’ll never forget how happy they were with what I created. This was the first time I could see how my work has impacted others.

Speed forward a couple of years, I move to England and continue to pursue my passion here. I quickly found myself filming weddings all across the country and loving every minute of it!

I decided to put together a team. A team of people I could count on and work alongside. A team I could be inspired by and also in-turn inspire. So I created The Perfect Wedding Video.

A team of people to do just as it says, create the perfect wedding video for every couple we have the pleasure of filming.

I named my company this way for a reason, for it to be a stamp of certainty to anyone who wishes us to film their special day. We will deliver, The Perfect Wedding Video. Every time.

Our Team

Gaetano Di giacomo

Founder & Lead Wedding Videographer


Sean Dexter

Video Editor & Project Manager

Daniel Williams

Wedding Videographer & Lead Editor

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