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The Best Cameras For Wedding Films

What kind of wedding videographer would you be without a good camera to shoot those special moments? While with the digital revolution and the advent …

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A Guide To Buying Fixed Lens Video Cameras

If you are shooting a wedding, there are going to be several moments that are so precious, you cannot afford to miss them as the …

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A Beginners Guide To Stabilising Your Wedding Videos

Imagine you spent a lot of time and hard work shooting a wedding video, but you come back only to find that half the shots …

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A Beginners Guide To Filming Wedding Videos

In your humble beginnings, you are bound to get a lots of conflicing advice and information, and if you pay heed to too much, there …

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The Best Lenses For Wedding Videography

Lenses. Different shapes and sizes, with different costs and prices. To someone just getting into wedding videography, the sheer amount of lenses available can seem …

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13 Exciting Hen Party Ideas In London

London is a world-renowned hotbed for nightlife and partying down, making it the perfect city for hen parties. With London’s numerous and varied, exciting locations, …

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