18 Beautiful Places To Propose In London

London, while not necessarily world renowned like Paris for being the “City of Love,” is still a wonderful place for popping the big question on your significant other. Whether you’re a fan of city skylines, lavish floral arrangements, or regally appointed suites, London has something to offer you and your loved one.

There are so many great places in London for asking that special person in your life to dedicate themselves to you that the options can be rather overwhelming. We wanted to give you some ideas to help narrow down the options a bit. So, to get your brain churning on ideas for amazing locations for your perfect proposal, we’ve curated this list of 18 beautiful places to propose in London.

1. Wilton’s Music Hall

Wilton’s Music Hall is the perfect spot for lovers of music, history, and ornate gothic architecture. With a lovely selection of rooms ranging from the Playhouse stage to a quaint pub, you’re sure to find a space that offers exactly what you’re looking for. The ambiance of the entire building is brimming with a history of the wonders of the performing arts.

2. Royal Observatory

Home of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), the Royal Observatory is yet another beautiful location absolutely dripping with history and significance. Not only is it a place of great meaning, but it’s also the perfect location for a nighttime proposal under the twinkling stars of the cosmos. The Royal Observatory’s planetarium is the perfect spot to take your loved one who has an affinity for the beauty of interstellar wonders.

3. The London Eye

While it may be a little cliché to propose on a Ferris wheel, it’s cliché because it’s an oldy and a goody. The breathtaking views afforded to occupants of the London Eye create a sense of wonder while also providing intimate privacy for you and your special other within the cabin. The dash of excitement that being lofted up into the sky offers adds its own special flavor to the feeling of the moment. Definitely not the best choice for those who are terrified of heights, but this cliché is one you’ll easily be forgiven for continuing. As some of you may know the London Eye also makes for a fantastic wedding venue, especially if you are hiring a wedding filmmaker to capture the entire event!

4. The Hill Garden and Pergola

Largely touted as one of London’s hidden treasures, the Hill Gardens and Hampstead Pergola are a tremendous example of how age can add more beauty to a place as opposed to detracting. Overgrown with wrapping vines and lush flowers, this is a great place for a romantic rendezvous.

5. Galvin at Windows

A Michelin Star restaurant with a fabulous view of the city, Galvin at Windows restaurant and bar is a lovely spot for an amazing meal and a romantic vista where you can pop the question in style.

6. Keats House

For the literary minds with an interest in poetry, Keats House is the home of Romantic poet John Keats turned into a museum and literary center. Immaculate grounds and pristine Georgian villa architecture await you and your loved one for your special moment.

7. Primrose Hill

Another lovely outdoor vista that provides a gorgeous view of the city, this location makes a wonderful spot to drop on one knee and ask for the hand of your significant other.

8. Buckingham Palace

What could be more glorious and regal than a wedding proposal at the queen’s home in Buckingham Palace? With various lavish rooms to choose the perfect spot, this location is sure to leave a mark and make for a great story.

9. The Globe

William Shakespeare’s world-renowned theater and home to the world’s most famous story of love, Romeo and Juliet, The Globe is the place for lovers of theater to pronounce their love for one another.

10. Windsor Castle

Windsor Castle is a pleasant step away from the city and a wonderful locale to bring that special person in your life for a romantic excursion.

11. The View from The Shard

Another scenic overlook and a gorgeous piece of modern architecture, The View from The Shard is an idyllic location for popping the question.

12. Hogwarts Great Hall

Found in the Studio Tour of WB, the Great Hall of Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry is the ideal spot for Harry Potter fanatics to agree to tie the knot.

13. Claridge’s Hotel

A 5-Star luxury hotel and the epitome of timeless elegance, Claridge’s in London’s Mayfair is a lavish spot for asking for the hand of your loved one.

14. The Sky Garden

Take a heaping helping of botanical wonders and toss in a panoramic, breathtaking view of the London skyline and you have the Sky Garden. London’s highest public garden is a wonderful spot to drop to one knee and ask the question that will change the course of your life.

15. The London Aquarium

For the lovers of aquatic life, the London Aquarium is a stupendous location for taking in the natural wonders of the sea and asking for a betrothal. You can even arrange with the staff to take a soak in the aquarium equipped with a sign asking the big question to your loved one as they walk by and spy you in the deep blue.

16. London Dinner Cruise

A romantic evening cruise on the Thames is a wondrous way to create a lasting moment that will be remembered by both you and your partner for the rest of your lives.

17. The Meeting Place

Home to a 30 ft high, 20-ton bronze statue of two lovers sharing an intimate kiss, this location is a lovely and romantic spot for popping the question.

18. Waterloo Bridge

Another historic and beautiful bit of architecture, Waterloo Bridge makes for a gorgeous famous landmark that you can stamp your own bit of history on by asking the big one here.

As a city of great history and bearing on the world’s stage, London is home to numerous wonderful vistas and landmarks that will leave a lasting mark on both you and your partner’s memories for many happy years to come. Marriage proposals are once in a lifetime opportunities for demonstrating the depth of your love for another with a grand, romantic gesture.

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