13 Exciting Hen Party Ideas In London

London is a world-renowned hotbed for nightlife and partying down, making it the perfect city for hen parties. With London’s numerous and varied, exciting locations, there are so many to choose from that it can be a little overwhelming when planning a great hen night.

In order to help make the decision-making process a bit simpler, we have narrowed down the choices to a happy list of 13 great ideas. While you may not end up choosing one of the specific ones mentioned here, this list should get you headed down the right direction by opening your eyes to all the various options that are available and maybe less traditional destinations for your hen party.

1 London Party Bus

Why settle for a single location in London when you can take the entire party on the road in a London party bus? Renting a party bus for a night guarantees an exciting night out on the town where you can ride in style from one bar to the next without any worry of who is your designated driver. London is home to the largest selection of bars and nightclubs in a single area than any other city in the UK. Why not go for a tour of them all for your hen do? And you can be sure that all the fun, laughter and incredible memories will make for a superb wedding video in London, assuming you hire a videographer for your pre-wedding party shenanigans.

2 Duck and Waffle

Clocking in at 40 floors high, Duck and Waffle is the highest restaurant in London, and it’s open all day and night to boot! As a 24-hour restaurant with a breathtaking view, the Duck and Waffle is a great spot for hosting an unforgettable hen party.

3 Trampoline Park

For the more adventurous group of hens, try checking out a London trampoline park where you can catch some air with the gals. Perfect for creating an event that isn’t your typical hen party, trampoline parks make for some great fun with a variety of games that you can play while experiencing the thrill of launching into the air at will.

4 Spa Day

While a bit tame, spa outings are a great way to relieve stress and just take a break from the hustle of everyday life. Great for when everyone isn’t feeling up to an all-night party (or for the day afterwards!), a spa trip is sure to make you feel pampered and relaxed while still providing a good time for all involved.

5 The West End Theatre

A lovely way to experience the wonders of live theatre, West End is the home of many great plays throughout the year. This is the perfect idea for a more cultured hen party or those who are true fans of the performance arts. Take a trip to West End and catch a show for a different take on hen parties.

6 London Cruise

Go for a cruise on the Thames for a mix of relaxing and partying in London for your hen party. There are many cruises available that cater towards different crowds. An evening booze cruise is a great choice for when the group wants to party hard, but you could also go for a relaxing day cruise and see the historic sights of London in luxury.

7 Escape Rooms

Another fun idea for a different kind of hen do, escape room outings make for a fun and interesting time that is sure to be remembered by everyone involved. The scenarios and themes can vary a lot, so it’s easy to find one that is sure to appeal to the group’s sensibilities.

8 Pop-up Cinema

Perfect for cinema fans who also love the outdoors, pop-up cinemas are a great way to combine both of your interests into one fun experience. Screenings can be extremely inexpensive but make for a fun take on the traditional hen party.

9 Paintball Outing

For a seriously different take on hen parties, try taking the ladies out for a day of paintballing at various London locations. This option is definitely for the more adventurous types, but it’s a great way of letting off some steam and having an experience none of you are soon to forget. You can even earn some battle wounds in the form of bruises to show off at work the next day!

10 Chocolate Party

A chocolate hen party is a decadent way of enjoying the company of your friends and spoiling yourself a bit. Sample all the different ways the amazing cacao plant can be formed into delectable goods and beverages while enjoying the company or your closest friends. What more could you possibly want?

11 Parkour Lessons

Definitely not for the faint-hearted, parkour lessons can be heaps of fun but are not the best fit for everyone. Running, jumping, and climbing your way across London is an exhilarating outing that is sure to put your athletic skills to the test. Make sure you leave space in the night’s plans for showering and getting changed afterwards because you’re sure to work up quite the sweat on this one!

12 London Dans Le Noir?

For an incredible sensory experience that is like none other, try Dans Le Noir – Dinner in the Dark. You’re led into a pitch-black room where you are served courses that you can experience with heightened senses and a touch of mystery. An event that is sure to leave an impression on your entire group, Dans Le Noir is a great way to experience food in a new way.

13 London Zoo

For the animal lovers among you, a trip to the zoo is a fantastic place for your hen do. There are multiple ways to experience the wonders of the animal kingdom as well as a late-night option involving alcohol! There are many events that you can enjoy at the London Zoo that are sure to make for a memorable experience.

Whatever you choose to do for your hen do, London is a city full of possibilities. There are so many things you can do for your hen party that will have the whole group buzzing about it for years to come.

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